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Sunday, February 21, 2010

H&M Bronzing Powder

Posted by Rica Francia at 11:56 PM

A bronzer is one of my make-up staples that I cannot live without. It's that important to my everyday life whenever I go out because no bronzer and no blush means a white and pale Rica. Yes. That's true. I look pale whenever I don't apply a bronzer and a blush. I can still remember one time, I went to work withouth my blush on because I'm feeling lazy on that day. One of my colleagues asked if I was feeling ok because I look so pale and I look sick. That was so embarassing! I told her that I am feeling ok, I just didn't put my blush on that day. Ever since that incident, I never, EVER leave the house without my blush on... LOL!

Anyway, I bought this blush for just one reason. IT WAS ON SALE. Yes, it was a part of their Crazy Winter Sale last 2009. It was 50% off the tag and I bought it for only HKD 20 at H&M. And believe me, it's a huge compact bronzer. The biggest on my make-up kit.
I love this bronzer because even though it was waaaay cheap, it didn't give me any break-out. Plus, the color is perfect for my skin color. With this on makes my face having that sun-kissed glow before applying my blush for that day.

I hope I can get it on sale the next time around! Better, better, better stock up! Haha!


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