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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aidan Bryant's Eulogy October 27, 2018

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To our little boy, we love you, and will always remain in our hearts forever...

Aidan Bryant Francia 

September 23 - October 9, 2018

On behalf of Bargo - Francia family, we thank you for being here today as we celebrate Aidan Bryant Francia’s life. Aidan was born on the 23rd of September, after a very long and anxious eight months. He was greatly longed for by our entire family.
Everyone here knows that conceiving Aidan was difficult, and when we finally learned we were expecting his arrival, we were ecstatic. 

Adam, Luella and Freya was excited about their new baby brother. That by his arrival, our family will be complete. 

The pregnancy was difficult and had many challenges. I was / My wife was diagnosed to have polyhydramnios or too much water, and that he is smaller than a normal baby should be. 

Trisomy 18. It is a diagnose that we will never forget in our lifetime. Trisomy 18, or to better understand what is it, “It is a diagnose, that is not compatible with life.” 

Aidan was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 a few days after his birth. It brought us pain and rejection of what may happen. Many babies with Trisomy 18 don’t survive either in their mother’s womb, or are born stillbirth. But Aidan fought bravely to enter this world to meet his mother, his father, and his family. We are very proud of our little fighter. From that moment onwards,  we knew that we have to be strong for him. 

He was rushed straight into the NICU when he was born. The moments we had in NICU both brought us hope, joy, sadness and tears, but one thing is for sure, it was the most meaningful ones. 

Although Aidan didn’t live long enough to grow up with us, we will always remember what he reminded us. We learned through him the meaning of time is precious. Time is too precious to be taken for granted. That every second is to be spend wisely for we might not get a second chance at everything. 

Aidan also taught us not to lose hope. That even though he is not with us now, we should not lose hope. We should start building our lives through what we learned from this experience and cherish it in our hearts.

And lastly, Aidan taught us not to be selfish. We learned how to let go, even though it is the hardest thing we have to  learn in this process. That death is not the greatest loss in life. 

Aidan will always be our youngest child in the family. Despite the pain and heartache that we feel, we feel lucky that Aidan chose to come to us. He will always be part of our family. I am priviledge to be Aidan’s Mother / Father. We are honoured to have carried him, felt him move, birthed him and held him. 

He has shown to us more about life and love, serenity and peace than we ever knew. He had a purpose, I am sure. And that he will be preserved as a perfect, innocent heart forever. 

Aidan won’t grow up like other children will grow up. He won’t face the hardships of this world. He won’t experience disappointment or sadness nor will he ever cause us disappointment or sadness.

Aidan is a special soul. His little life will be a memory of nothing but love, innocence and purity. 

We will forever cherish the memories we had with him and Aidan will always remain in our hearts. We know that wherever he is now, he is in a better place, away from all the sufferings in this world. 

Simply, we love him, we always did and we always will. 


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