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Monday, May 31, 2010

NYX - Round Lipstick - Georgia

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Nyx Round Lipstick in Georgia

This is one of my 24 NYX Round lipsticks that I purchased last February from Cherry Culture. I purchased it for USD 1.99 + shipping with a 20% discount.

Anyway, this pink lipstick is a little bit blue based, which makes it a little bit hard for me to wear (but it's ok...), baby pink or light pink in color, that is frosted.

I find frosted baby pinks a bit harder to wear than the lustres and amplified ones, and I don't know why...

This color is so far, ok for me but not a big fan of its color nor the lipstick itself.

Rica's Rate : 3/5

Here are the swatches: (First *left* swatched lightly, Second *right* swatched heavily)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

NYX - Round Lipstick - Louisiana

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This is my most favorite hot pink lipstick! Of all my hot pink lipstick collections, this one suits me the most! It's not that dark hot pink, a little bit light, no frost and most important of all, it's not blue-based.

I purchased this over Cherry Culture for I think USD 1.99 + shipping fee.

I notice that any lipstick that is blue-based does not suits my skintone well. I used this when me and my childhood friend went out for shopping and she does not really wear any lipsticks at all. She was soo tempted to buy a lipstick because of what I am wearing and wants to head over MAC to buy one. Fortunately, I told her it was NYX and so, she was be able to resist her temptation!

Bad thing about it is that, I'm not really fond of NYX lipsticks. It's too creamy, not actually creamy, but just easy to glide, making it easy to wear off too, and not to mention it has more tendency to smudge than other lipsticks. So... For NYX Round Lipstick users, BEWARE!

Here's the swatch for this lipstick from NYX! Left, swatched lightly, and Right, swatched heavily.

MAC - To The Beach - Sorry! I Can't Take It...

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Please don't hate me.. I know that I told you guys from my previous blog that I am NOT going to buy ANY of the incoming TO THE BEACH Collection from MAC. But it's so hard to resist! Anyway... Since I need a bronzing powder (My H&M Bronzing Powder is nearly used up!), and so, I need to replace it. I bought the Refined Golden. And also, a lipstick named "Thrills" from the To The Beach Collection. Well... That's about it for now! No to Marine Life! Wah! It's so pretty... To use as a highlight powder and a blush! Aaaargh!

Lip Pencil - Temperature Rising (Loudmouth Orange)

Lipstick - Thrills (Frost)

Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Estee Lauder - Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Moisture Lotion

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One reason why I bought this product from Estee Lauder is that I am in love with Estee Lauder's Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Collection. They are exclusively released only here in Asia and is perfectly fit for Asian skins. Anyway, I love their products from this line (the ones that I already tried) and so, I gave this one a try. I already tried one toning lotion from Estee Lauder and it is quite ok for my own opinion. This Estee Lauder Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Moisture Lotion quite disappointed me because it did not really react to my skin at all. First of all, it claims that it can make your dark spots whiter than it used to be, making your skin an even shade, the longer time you use it. But unfortunately, it is not applicable for my skin. I've been using this for quite some time now, but still, it is still not reacting to my skin. I'm not sure if it is one of the cause of my breakouts right now (pimples and acnes) but, I am currently having one now (and my period is no where near from now).

Also, the toning lotion itself, does not react to my skin, not unlike Estee Lauder's Perfectly Clean Toning Lotion which gives me a minty reaction once applied to my skin. It really does nothing at all for me, just cleaning, making sure that I already rinsed off all of my make-ups for today. That's just about it.

Obviously, I'm not going to repurchase it, will still continue with my HG Toning Lotion search...

*** Estee Lauder Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Moisture Lotion can be purchased at your local stores for HKD 340 per 200 mL ***

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Won't Be Able To Purchase ANY From MAC's To The Beach Collection... :(

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Due to financial problem issues, it is very sad to say that I won't be able to purchase and make a review on MAC's incoming release named "To The Beach." "To The Beach" is going to be released tomorrow here in Hong Kong and like the others, I also have some wants and needs from that collection. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get them ... :( Oh well ... That's life ... Anyway, here are my "supposed to be" to buy list from MAC's "To The Beach" Collection:

Kohl Eye Pencils & Lip Liners (ALL)

Lipsticks (ALL)

Powder Blush in Hipness

Beauty Powder in Marine Life

Powder Bronzer in Golden

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bare Minerals ID - All-Over Face Color Loose Powder Blush Duo in Pure Radiance and Tropical Radiance

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Tropical Radiance

Pure Radiance

I'm not that impressed with these blushes from Bare Escentuals / Bare Minerals. I got this from a MUA Swap from a lovely MUAer from USA.

First, having its content in loose powdery form is very hard to control its content when applied to the face. Of course, except you're a PRO. Also, I find that these blushes are a bit shimmery making it a no-no as well for me. Anything shimmery as a powder blush for me is a big no-no. It just clogs onto my pore areas, making my pores more visible than ever.

Also, I find that these loose powder blushes from Bare Escentuals / Bare Minerals not pigmented well enough. I tried applying them once, okay, no visible color. Twice, still no visible color?! Third, okay, this is something bad already... STILL NO VISIBLE COLOR from this loose powder blush?! Which is a bad sign for me as well. I love well pigmented powder blushes. I am very, very pale without powder blush, that's why it is a necessity for me to put on blushes on my cheeks.

The other color is also the same, it doesn't have any color at all, I feel that I'm just adding up another extra powder to my face. And the worst of all, these powder blushes from Bare Escentuals / Bare Minerals not only makes my face shimmery but oily. The staying power of these blushes are as bad as it can be. I will not buy these myself! Good thing I just got it from a swap!

MAC Spring 2010 Collection : Pret-a-Papier Collection

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This collection was released this late April (as far as I can remember?) here in Hong Kong as a part of their Spring 2010 releases.

I bought their lipsticks and powder blushes from this collection.

The lipstick is for HKD 125 / each and the powder blush is for HKD 165 / each.

Here are the lipsticks from this collection and their swatches. The colors are (in random order) Dressmaker, Dressmaker, Made to Order, Kraft and Archetype.

Also, here are the colors of their powder blush from this collection. The powder blush from this collection are Instant Chic and Garb.

I find this collection very nude in color, not to mention its coral tone. There are no shimmer nor frost in this collection, which I love the most. They are very pretty for use during Spring and Summer because they have very light colors and peachy / coral when applied to your face. I would continue using these blushes and lipsticks that I got from this collection from MAC for the whole Spring and Summer season!

MAC Lipsticks from this Collection

(Left to Right) Made to Order, Dressmaker, Dressmaker, Kraft, Archetype


Instant Chic

Sasa Cosmetics - Foundation Brush

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Here's my MAC 190 compared to my Sasa Cosmetics Foundation Brush:

I got this brush from Sasa Cosmetic Shop for approximately HKD 120. I bought it in pink color because it looks too girly. It is available in white and pink. Also, I got this over the Sasa branch in Maritime Square, Tsing Yi.

I like this brush better than my MAC Foundation Brush because the bristles of this brush is shorter, making it easier to control. Not to mention that its bristles are also soft, just like what a higher end cosmetic brand would possess. You won't even notice that this is just a Sasa Brand Brush.

I've been using this for more than a year already and the brush still looks in tact, and still looking brand new. It is also easier to grip, compare to my MAC Foundation Brush.

If the Smashbox brush (which I'm planning to buy sometime in the near future), I would definitely stick with this brush from Sasa. Great work, Sasa Cosmetics!

Sasa Cosmetics - Eye Shadow Brush #E04

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This brush is like magic for me! In fact, this was supposed to be an eye shadow brush, but it ended up being my brow brush. I use this together with my brow liner and got used to it now. I bought it at Sasa Cosmetics in Maritime Square, Tsing Yi for less than HKD 100. I forgot how much was it exactly, but I'm pretty sure that it is less than HKD 100.

I love my Sasa brushes. In fact, I bought two, one is this and the other one was the Sasa Brand Foundation Brush which I love too.

First, I brush this brush over the tip of my brow pencil and after getting enough color for my brows, I would draw my brows with this eye shadow brush. It is very easy to control and to contour.

I would continue using this brush from Sasa! In fact, I can't find anything that can replace this brush from other high quality brands!

Good buy for me from Sasa! :)

Latest Haul from Sasa Outlet : May 2010

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I went to Sasa Outlet last week but wasn't able to blog about what I bought there last week because of my busy schedule from work, social life and family life last week. Sorry guys.

Anyway, here it is:

1. Facial Wipes : HKD 11 for 2 packs
2. Lipstick in : HKD 10 / each
3. Lipstick in : HKD 15 / each
4. VOV Lipstick in #06 : HKD 10 each
5. Lip Liners : HKD 5 / each

For those who still have no idea where Sasa Outlet is located, it can be found over Yau Ma Tei, Nathan Road. You can exit at Yau Ma Tei MTR station if you're taking the train and take the exit which are opposite sides from the Portland Street Exit. From there, you can see a clear sign that says "Sasa Outlet", maybe around 3-4 shops away from the MTR. Goodluck searching!

Marion Fashion Design Lipstick - HKD 9 / each
( Left to Right ) 720, 724

Ap-Au Lipstick - HKD 15 / each
(Left to Right) 04, 08

VOV Aqua Lip Lipstick in #06

Cyber Colors Twinstar Waterproof Maximizing Mascara - HKD 10

Beauty Perfect Lip Liner in 1020 (HKD 5)
Docile Lip Liner in 04 (HKD 5)

( Left to Right ) Docile Lip Liner in 04, Beauty Perfect Lip Liner in 1020

YSL - Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant SPF 15 Lipsticks

Posted by Rica Francia at 7:59 PM 1 comments

Left to Right : Fetish Pink , Caress Pink , Provocative Pink , Orange Shivers

This is one of my favorite among my collection. As you can see, I have LOADS of lippies now. But these are always at the top of my list, making it a priority to use as my favorite. :)

I have this in Provocative Pink, Orange Shivers, Fetish Pink and Caress Pink.

I got these one by one every month (I'm collecting the colors that suits my skin tone! :) ) for HKD 195 each. They are extra smooth, full of color, and extra silky. They are very much moisturizing, compare to the other brands that I've tried. Of all the lippies that I've ever tried in the past, these lipsticks from YSL have the fullest of colors. Just one swipe on your lips is enough to make an expression!

My favorite colors at the moment are the Orange Shivers (I love orange / coral tones at the moment! ) and Fetish Pink. I'm looking forward to having Peach Passion and Lingerie Pink next on my list.

Anyway, here are the swatches for these beautiful lipsticks from YSL!

( Left to Right ) : Fetish Pink , Caress Pink , Provocative Pink , Orange Shivers

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Powder Foundation

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This is my HG powder foundation! My sister gave me this as a Christmas gift, so I have no idea how much it costs here in Hong Kong. But I know that she got it from Seibu, Langham Place, Mongkok.

I love this very much because it has a good coverage and it stays in place for hours. It is also non-cakey when applied a few times all over the face, not to mention the luxurious compact that comes with it. (NOTE: You need to purchase the compact separately from the powder.)

I use this to blend my liquid or cream foundation of the day to my concealer so that it would look natural and people won't notice my concealer at all, and in fact, it works! As you guys have known, I have a lot of scars and dark areas around my face that needs concealing a lot. One of my friend from Philippines went for a vacation here in Hong Kong and she said, "Hey, it's good that you don't have any scars on your face anymore!" LOL! The bad thing that she didn't know about, is that it's still there, only that I made something to hide it. Which is good... Because that means it looks natural.

It stays for around 2-3 hours on my face, without retouching and without being oily. I use it all over my face, from the T-Zone area, under eyes, chin, cheeks before putting on powder blush. I still have mine upto now, and I've been using it continuously for 5 months already and my compact only has a little dip. Meaning, it takes a long time to finish, compare to the other powder foundations that I got to used that within one month, it's all used up already.

I would say that this is my HG for now, but actually, I'm still not that quite satisfied with what it gives.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marc Jacobs - Blush

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This is our most favorite fragrance from all of the fragrance that I own. I have a few bottles here at home (around less than 5? or around 5? I'm not really that much of a perfume person...) But this is me and Reinan's favorite of all.

I got this from another MUAer from a successful MakeUpAlley swap. I swapped my Estee Lauder Sensuous with her because I find Estee Lauder's Sensuous' scent quite strong for my taste when it comes to fragrances. Maybe it's too flowery for me, whereas I am preferring a citrus scent when it comes to fragrances.

I've been searching this perfume everywhere here in Hong Kong, but unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere. Why? I have no idea? Probably, Marc Jacobs decided to discontinued this fragrance. I just can't find it anywhere, that's one thing for sure.
The first time I got to try this perfume was from one of my friend here in Hong Kong. And on that first time, I fell in love with it. I know that this fragrance from Marc Jacobs is also affordable, compare to other branded fragrances.

This is going to be a staple for me, it stays the whole day also, when sprayed first thing in the morning. It has this very light citrus smell which I love about it the most.

I would continue tracking down as much bottles as possible for my stock for this fragrance from Marc Jacobs.

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