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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kenzo - L'eau Par Kenzo Gift Set

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I got this from a friend as a random gift. To that person... THANKS!! I really love it! :) Went down to Sephora here in Hong Kong to check out the sales and bought this for me as a gift. Hehe!

The gift set includes the L'eau Par Kenzo Eau De Toilette in 100mL and the Body Gel.

I love every piece from this gift set! The body gel has a very light scent, and the fragrance, even though others say that it doesn't stay that long, I think it's ok. It stays around half a day without respraying it again.

It has a very light citrus scent which I really, really love. I am not really a perfume person, I just spray perfume very seldom, because my nose is very sensitive to scents. Once, me and my friend went perfume scouting at Sasa and I went home with a skull-breaking migraine. That's why after that, I would never do that again! LOL!

Sephora - Radiance Face Spray

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Compare to the Sephora Nourishing Lipstick (Lip Balm), I also got this from Sephora the other week. It is a face mist, which makes your make-up long staying. In fact, I like this face mist more than the Fix+. It makes my make-up stays longer and it is also non-sticky. It dries easily, no need to wait for forever. LOL! Also, the face mist has a good scent that makes me want to spray even more! Too bad, there's no more Sephora next month here in Hong Kong... I guess I have to stick with MAC's Fix+ first...

Victoria Secret - Garden Collection - Strawberries and Champagne Eau De Toilette

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This fragrance from Victoria's Secret has been my favorite ever since high school grade. It was so famous way back because it comes in a huge plastic bottle (the cologne) and can be used within half a year or so. I always get this from a relative or a friend coming from USA.

This time I got this from my sister when she came back to spend her summer vacation here in Hong Kong. It was okay, I guess I got over with the fruity smell when it comes to fragrances. It has this strawberry scent that is very light with the same time a touch and tingly aroma that comes from the champagne.

One thing I don't like about Victoria's Secret Garden is that you need to carry this bottle everywhere when you go out. Why? Well, the scent doesn't last that long. You have to spray and spray and spray over and over again every now and then.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sephora - Nourishing Lipstick (Lip Balm)

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Someone gave this to me as a gift when we went to Sephora the other week. We purchased it together with a few items which can be found here. Sephora here in Hong Kong is located at Mongkok, Kowloon but unfortunately, they are going to stop operations here in Hong Kong and they're only upto March 31st.

We went there last week to check out which items are still there for sale and we bought loads! Everything is on sale!

I got this Lip Balm from Sephora for only HKD 20. Good deal, right?! It comes in a plain and simple white packaging. The lip balm itself has its own scent. I cannot explain to you guys the scent, sorry. All in all, I don't really like this lip balm. It makes my lips very stick and makes me feel that my lips are always sticky and wet is very annoying. Plus, I wanted something that is always unscented. So, this is another minus point for this item.

Good thing we just bought it on sale for HKD 20. I'm not going to buy this item if it's more than HKD 50. LOL!

Sana Uroitaishi, The Moisture Ambassador! Moisture Mist

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I got this together with my Sana Uruoitaishi Moisture Cream at City Super for less than HKD 100. I already made a review about the moisturizer and you can find it here.

I use this Moisture Mist as a toning lotion after washing my face up and before putting on my Moisture Gel (moisturizer). Well.. It is a very, very light kind of toning lotion, which is very recommended if you have a sensitive skin. But for me, I don't like it because I would prefer something a little bit stronger than this one. Not too strong, but not light as well. I love this products from SANA because my skin doesn't have any surprising and violent reactions with this, not to mention the very, very cute packaging they have.

I remember one time, my mom asked some moisturizer because she ran out of hers and before opening the lid, she was looking at it. Probably, she was thinking, "Is this really a moisturizer?!" and even our helper at home thought that it was just a toy before. LOL! I would certainly repurchase the moisture gel because of its soft and buttery effect on my skin but not this moisture mist.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent - Face and Body Sheen

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I got this face and body bronzer from another MUA member from a swap, so I have no idea how much it costs over the counter.

This is the crappiest bronzer that I have ever used. I've tried a lot of body bronzers in the past but I never got a problem like this before. First of all, this face and body bronzer is in "oil" formula. Second, it states that it is a "face" and "body" sheen or bronzer. I tried this one first on my face and holy crap! It is too oily! The moment I put it on, I can feel the oil all over my face. It is so disgusting that I took it off immediately as soon as I put it on. The smell is bad, even though it is unscented. It is also hard to control when poured to your palms. The bottle itself is a crap, I can't even imagine this product is from YSL.
What else? This body sheen is just like a bottle of oil and glitters that are mixed together. It is too oily and when you leave the bottle for a day without shaking it, you can see the oil content on top. YUCK! Once, I was out with my friend and my friend noticed why I got too many glitters all over my body. It was embarassing that I have to tell that person that I used a body sheen on that day.

Good thing I didn't purchase this and I'm glad it's almost empty

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sephora Haul!

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Went to Sephora today and yeah.. THEY ARE ON SALE! Sephora will stop operations here in Hong Kong this 31st of March. :( Too bad... No more Sephora here in Hong Kong.. :(

Sephora has a lot of exclusive brands which are not available here in Hong Kong such as their exclusive Sephora line, Bare Escentuals, CK Cosmetics, etc. :(

If that happens, where am I going to purchase my HG setting powder from Bare Escentuals?! :(

Anyways, here are what I got from Sephora. Sorry, I don't know the price for these because someone just gave it to me. (Thank you po! :) )

And Kenzo's L'Eau Par Kenzo Gift Set

It includes:

- L'Eau Par Kenzo Eau De Toilette 100 mL
- L'Eau Par Kenzo Body Gel

Sephora Radiance Face Spray (30 mL)

What it does? It claims:

- Healthy Glow Effect
- Seals Makeup
- Flash Results

Sephora Nourishing Lip Stick (4.2 g)

What it does? It claims:

- Protective
- Soothing
- Velvety Smooth Lips

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dior - Pro Cheeks Fard A Joues Blush in Hip Peach

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This is the very first time I ever used a non-powder blush. This is something new by the way. The very first time I've ever seen a non-powder, non-cream blush. This blush from Dior is creamy / gel like in texture.
I got this from a lovely MUAer from Norway and I sent her my Cover Girl stuffs to exchange with this lovely blush from Dior. I'm not sure how much is this since I never check Dior's make up lines before. Our swap was very smooth and fast, it only took a week till the transaction was done.
Anyway, back to the blush, the color that I got is in Hip Peach. It is a peachy colored blush, middle of pink and orange which is perfect for my medium-fair skin color. It looks very natural on me and not to mention it has a very long staying power. It is also non-sticky, non-greasy even though you use this for the whole day. It is also unscented which is a plus point for me. What else can I say about this lovely product from Dior? Oh, by the way, my skin didn't react to this blush. I didn't get any pimples at all and that's a good sign.
I would love to purchase this myself in the near future and to complete to color range for my collection!
Here's the color for your reference:

No Flash:

No Flash:

Smashbox Powder Blush Haul + Smashbox Freebie

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Yey! A big, big credits to Junecel for these Smashbox powder blushes! Here's their link to their online shop:

As you have known, I love, love, love, love blushes. Besides being a lipstick girl, I am also a blush girl. Anyway, here are my purchases from Junecel and Becca's online shop:

Smashbox Blush Rush in Candid
No Flash:

With Flash:

Smashbox Powder Blush in Paradise:
With Flash:

No Flash:

Smashbox Blush Rush in Radiance:
No Flash:

With Flash:

I haven't use them all since I just got it last night. I got to use Paradise already and it's gorgeous! It fits my skin color (I am NC30, medium-fair complexion over the MAC's skin color chart) and I don't mind the glitters at all! They don't clog like the NARS powder blushes do and it is very easy to contour and spread all over my face. Also, it stays longer and doesn't need retouch that much.
Junecel and Becca, please, please, please put more blushes in the near future! I

Oh, and by the way, I also got a freebie. Once you purchased more than HKD 300, you get a freebie... I got a Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Jet Black as my gift. :)

Lavshuca - Creamy Liquid Foundation in BE-1

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I got this Liquid Foundation from Lavshuca over the Watson's Personal Store in Causeway Bay for HKD 112. As you have known, not all Watson's Personal Stores over Hong Kong carries the Lavshuca line from Kanebo. Kanebo has a lot of product lines and this one is one of my favorites (some of their products works for me.. some doesn't) and not to mention they are very affordable.

This liquid foundation from Lavshuca comes in a very cute maroon tube. It's very princessy, and very Lavshuca. All of Lavshuca products comes in a very cute and princessy packaging. I read a lot of reviews over the net about Lavshuca products and most of them bought it because they find the packaging cute. LOL.

Anyway, this product from Lavshuca doesn't work for me. I like the texture of the product. It is creamy like, not watery at all. I don't like to put anything watery over my face since it is very hard to control. Anyway, this doesn't work for me. Why? Well, I find it cakey and sticky even with the loose powder on. I have a very oily and pimple-prone face so I don't like anything that doesn't have oil control. Also, I think this is not good to use during summer time because the coverage is thick. Yes, it has a very good coverage too. You won't even imagine that this is just a drugstore brand.

Well, another boo-hoo from Lavshuca for me! :(

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sana Uroitaishi, The Moisture Ambassador! Moisturizer

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I love, love, love this Moisturizer from Sana. As you can see, this comes in a very, very cute packaging. I really thought that this is a cheap-o kind of moisturizer because of its' packaging but I think I can say that this has a big potential to be my HG moisturizer if it has some whitening cream on it.

I need to fix my scars on my face first, but as soon as I get to fix this, I can say that this is my HG moisturizer.

I bought this over City Super, Causeway Bay for HKD 85. The fact that this is unscented (except that it has a very, very light chemical scent that doesn't bother me at all) is one of the plus points that I love the most.

By the way, here's how to use it. It's good that it has some English translations and instructions over the internet because it doesn't say anything in English on the packaging itself.

I observed that my face doesn't react with this moisturizer, but instead, it gives that very soft and buttery effect whenever I apply this on. It's very light, and not sticky compare to my MAC MoistureLush Creme. I use this every Morning and Evening before putting on my makeup to keep my face moisturized throughout the day. Another good invention from Sana! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cle De Peau - Cream Foundation in O20

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Presenting to you guys, my HG cream foundation! I love, love, love this cream foundation from Cle De Peau... One thing that I don't like about this foundation is that IT IS EXPENSIVE... Besides that, it's perfect... The foundation has this good scent and I can't even believe that I'm putting on a foundation everytime!
I need a foundation that gives me a full coverage since I have a lot of scars on my face and is long lasting when put on.. I am a lazy girl that hates retouching everytime, that's why that's an essential for my foundation.
Also, I prefer cream instead of liquid because cream is easier to control for me. I used to use the CoverGirl Clean Makeup Liquid Foundation and it is very hard to control where as for the creams, you just need to put a small dots on your face and spread it all over, you're done with it!
I am an O20 for this Cle De Peau Cream Foundation. Take note, I am NC30 for MAC. :)
What else I can say about this cream foundation from Cle De Peau? Well... It comes in an elegant packaging and I love it! Credits to Rochelle (my little sister) for purchasing it for me!
By the way, it can be purchased for HKD 800+ (as far as I can remember...) per 20 mL here in Hong Kong.

Here's O20:
No Flash:

With flash:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lavshuca - Separate Keep Mascara Volume in BK-1

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Presenting to you guys, my new HG mascara! Yes, I dumped my Majolica Majorca stuffs for this wonderful find.

I bought this at Watson's Personal Store at Causeway Bay for HKD 90. Take note that not all Watson's Personal Store carries the Lavshuca Cosmetic Line.

Anyway, before, I used to put on 5-7 layers of Mascara just to get the look that I wanted for my eyelashes. But with this, I just need 3 (primer included).

Here's how I put on my mascara before I found out about this:

1. Mascara Base / Primer
2. Imju Fiberwig Paint-On Flase Lashes (top)
Imju Fiberwig Finisher Paint-On False Lashes in Black (bottom)
3. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus in BK999
Majolica Majorca Enamel Glamour Neo Mascara in BK999
4. ZA Wide Eyes Mascara - Comb-Type Brush in Black

See how many do I need to apply just to get that lashes that I wanted? But with Lavshuca's Separate Keep Mascara Volume in BK-1, I just need to apply this:

1. Mascara Base / Primer
2. Imju Fiberwig Paint-On Flase Lashes (top)
Imju Fiberwig Finisher Paint-On False Lashes in Black (bottom)
3. Lavshuca Separate Keep Mascara Volume in BK-1 (for top and bottom)

I eliminated one step with this new mascara find and not to mention my eye lashes has more volume and longer than before! I am very scared to try fake lashes that's why I preferred to stick with mascaras. Also, I noticed that my eyelashes doesn't stick together and doesn't feel heavy at all with this mascara compare to MM's. Also, it is very, very easy to remove compare to MM's which is very, very, hard to remove. Those fake fibers from the mascara itself gives me a lot of hard time taking it off after usage...

Anyway, I'm going to stick with this since this one is better. Goodbye Majolica Majorca, hello Lavshuca!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Estee Lauder - Cyber White Ex Extra Brightening Powder Makeup SPF20/PA+

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I used to use this powder foundation from Estee Lauder last year. I got it from Seibu for God knows how much it is.. Sorry guys, I forgot already the price... I think it's around HKD 300+. I purchased this because it was recommended by the sales lady from Estee Lauder. It is ok for my opinion. Good coverage and also oil-controlling. It doesn't get cakey but the problem I got with this is that the shades of Cyber White Ex's powder foundations are too light for me. I am an NC30 for MAC and I don't have a suitable color for this powder foundation line from Estee Lauder.

Also, I noticed that besides the whitening effect of this powder, all of the mentioned pluses from this product can be found from a drugstore brand cosmetics. I have a Maybelline Angelfit Powder Foundation and it's almost the same as this powder foundation from Estee Lauder minus the whitening.

For my opinion, the price is not reasonable at all and I'm not going to repurchase this product again. Anyone in here needs the compact?! I have one that I'm not using anymore...

L'oreal Wear Infinite - Waterproof Self-Sharpening Eyeliner in Brown

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This is my HG eye liner... Supposed to be.. I bought long time ago at Sasa for only HKD 10. Yes! It's only HKD 10. It is a retractable stick and it comes in black and brown color. I love it so much that I bought them both. (Should've bought more for stocks..) Unfortunately, it's not available anymore anywhere here in Hong Kong. :(

It comes with a very neat and clean packaging. Also, it is very pigmented. It's very easy to wear off but who cares?! I can retouch anytime, and besides, it's only HKD 10! Not bad for a HKD 10 eyeliner with a known drugstore brand!

Anyway, here are the swatches:

No Flash:

With Flash:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC's Spring Colour Forecast Additional Haul!

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My Spring 4 Colour Forecast from MAc is all complete! It was released last March 8 here in Hong Kong and finally, I got to get my hands on these wonderful blushes!

Anyways, here are my additions! :)

Blush Ombre (HKD 210) Each

With Flash (Left to Right) :

Vintage Grape, Azalea Blossom, Ripe Peach

No Flash (Left to Right) :

Vintage Grape, Azalea Blossom, Ripe Peach

Ripe Peach (With Flash)

Ripe Peach (No Flash)

Azalea Blossom (With Flash)

Azalea Blossom (No Flash)

Vintage Grape (No Flash)

Vintage Grape (With Flash)

Spring Colour Forecast Lipsticks (HKD 125 each)

With Flash (Left to Right) :
Show Orchid, Phlox, Fresh Salmon, Shy Girl, Colour Me Coral, Bubble Gum

No Flash:

Here are the swatches:
With Flash (Left to Right) :
Show Orchid, Phlox, Fresh Salmon

No Flash:

No Flash (Left to Right) :
Shy Girl, Colour Me Coral, Bubble Gum

With Flash:

And who says MAC doesn't give samples as freebies?! Here are my freebies from my recent purchases! :D

1. Fix+ 30mL
2. Strobe Cream 30mL
3. Studio Fix Liquid Foundation

By the way, yeah, not all of the MAC shops here in Hong Kong gives samples.. Try going to the Tsim Sha Tsui Facess counters, they do give sample freebies together with your purchases. :)

Plus, the wonderful saleslady from MAC gave me a complimentary brow shaping service valued for HKD 150 as a freebie! I'm soo happy! :D


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