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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shiseido Majolica Majorca - Lash Expander Frame Plus in BK999

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I love this mascara from Majolica Majorca! I bought this Sasa for around...... Errr.. Sorry, I can't remember how much this cost already. Hehe. Anyway, this used to be my HG mascara... Until I found Lavshuca's.

BK999 is a very deep black color making your eye lashes looking longer and adds a little volume. I use this with a mascara base which adds a lot of volume and length compare without using one.
Also, it's waterproof, so no worries about getting it wet under the rain. Unless you're really planning to. LOL. By the way, this is the old version of Majolica Majorca's mascaras. I heard that they added fiber to the newly released mascaras. I haven't tried it yet though. But one thing's for sure, the previously released mascaras are great! I recommend it! :)

Kose Esprique Precious - Eye Shadow Singles - OR210

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This is one of my favorite eye shadows. I rarely, rarely, rarely use eye shadows because I'm too lazy to blend and mix and I would usually go for a natural look with just a lipstick and a blusher on, so I get to use this very seldom. But this eye shadow from Esprique Kose never fails me.

It's in orange with little gold sparkled glitters on it. The texture of the eye shadow is very smooth and silky, not to mention it is very easy to apply. I think you can also apply this with a wet applicator for a long lasting effect. For me, I use my Benefit She Laq sealer.

For my medium-fair skin-tone (NC30 / NC35), this has an orangy-bronze-gold finish look which I usually love. Japanese brand eye shadows are really good with eye shadows, they rarely fail!

MAC - Liberty of London Collection (Spring 2010)

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Honestly speaking, I love, love, love this new collection from MAC! Liberty of London!

Most from this collection here in Hong Kong is already sold out. :((

I love the lipsticks and the beauty powder from this collection from MAC. It was earlier released in the USA, that's why I can check it out over their website like around hmmm... 2 months in advance? LOL!

Anyway, the first item that I got was the Shell Pearl - Beauty Powder. I tracked it down here in Hong Kong and I got the very last piece available! Yes, mine was the last! It was already out of stock / sold out all over Hong Kong. Too bad. I use this as a finishing to add a little highlight all over my face. I love this. I just used this yesterday and it gives my face a sheer glow that I'm aiming for. It can also be used as blush or a pressed powder. Still tracking down the other beauty powder from this collection....

They also have some powder blushes, eyeshadows and lip gloss for this collection but I'm not a big fan of it. As for the powder blush, it doesn't suit my skin color, that's why. And like you guys know, I'm not a big fan of eyeshadows and lip gloss.

I'm also in love with their lipsticks and I'm still tracking down the last lipstick that I need which is the Blooming Lovely. I am looking forward to receiving Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks and Peachstock. YAY!

Anyway, I'm going to write another review in regards to that, but for now, I AM SERIOUSLY LOVING THE BEAUTY POWDER! :)

(Left to Right)
Top: Peachstock, Ever Hip
Bottom: Blooming Lovely, Petals & Peacocks

Beauty Powder: (Left to Right)
Shell Pearl, Summer Rose

Kose Esprique Precious - Moist On Rouge in PK811

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This is my very first purchase from Kose's Esprique Precious Line. Since I'm into lipsticks at that time, I decided to play safe it with Esprique's Moist on Rouge. I am more of a pink-gal lipstick rather than red or nude brown color, so I purchased PK811. I got it from Seibu for I believe HKD 195-ish in Langham Place, Mongkok.

At first sight, I love its packaging. It is an all white packaging with a tiny glittery-like belt around it. Its lipstick has little glitters all over but not that visible when applied. It is very sheer and light, if you just want a very light kind of lippy. My only problem with this lipstick is that it's not moisturizing. It dries up my lips making me want to take it all off everytime and then re-applying it.

Anyway, you can find my swatch for this lipstick here.

I don't have this lipstick anymore since I'm not really fond of it. I believe I can get the same color with other brands with more moisturizing effect on my lips. I swapped it over a wonderful MUAer last month.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clinique - Lipsticks

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I have a few lipstick from Clinique. Quite a lot in fact.. Around 6-8 pcs of different colors to be precise. Anyway, I only got these testers for sale over Bonjour for just HKD 20, so why not?! It's Clinique, anyway.

In fact, this is my very first branded lipstick. When I was back in college, I would use these lippies on special ocassions only because it's expensive (of course! I only get my allowance from my parents!) way back.

Anyway, I like the texture of this product from Clinique. It is very smooth when applied, silky and the staying power is also long. It is also unscented by the way. Compare to MAC, it doesn't have a scent. MAC lipsticks have this vanilla-like scent that makes the lipstick yummy to apply. LOL!

I've been using these lipsticks for years now and it's quite proven and tested. Anyway, I'm not going to buy all of their lippies just like what I'm currently having right now with MAC. But I would definitely buy if the color is pretty nice and something that I could not get from MAC.

For the swatches of my Clinique Lipsticks, you can go here.

MAC - Powder Blush

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Presenting to you, my favorite powder blush! These powder blush from MAC are my favorite! I'm trying to collect all of them in fact.

As you have known, I am a addicted to blush, lipsticks & mascaras. Whenever I don't apply any blush when I go out, I look very, very pale, that's why it is a necessity for me to put on a blush before going out.

My very first powder blush from MAC was given to me by my sister that lives in USA. She is currently studying in USA and she's the one who has been teaching me for years already on how to put on make-up. LOL! She sent me this once, and my very first was Breath of Plum.

I love the color, it looks natural to my skin color. Also, the texture of this blush is very good. It is well pigmented, only one or two swipes over your cheeks and you'll get the color that you wanted. Then, when I found out that it is only HKD 160 here in Hong Kong, my first impression was, OMG! Is is really true?! It's CHEAP! I thought it was around HKD 300+ since it is MAC, but it is quite affordable, not to mention the good quality of the product.

And ever since that day, I started collecting MAC powder blushes. And oh! As much as possible, I only stick to powder blushes... Why?! Well... I have an oily/combination face. I would look like a frying pan if I apply cream instead of a powder.

As of now, these are my collections:

1. Breath of Plum ( Love the color! )
2. Melba ( Love the color! )
3. Full Fuschia ( Too pigmented, just apply a little everytime )
4. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Azalea Blossom ( Love the color! )
5. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Ripe Peach ( Love the color! )
6. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Vintage Grape ( It's ok, but a bit not my type of color for spring / summer )
and many more to go....

Also, you can check my past blogs for the colors of these powder blushes from my collection. :)

Happy Reading!

MAC - Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010

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I love these powder blushes from MAC. It was released this Spring for their Spring Colour Forecast Collection.

Actually, they have four from this collection but I only bought 3. Azalea Blossom, Ripe Peach and Vintage Grape. I didn't buy the other one because the color doesn't suit me. It is a yellowish color, which is perfect if you're trying to achieve a nude / bronzy look.

As I have mentioned from my previous blogs, I love MAC's powder blushes. And this is no exception to that. In fact, this is better than the normal ones.

Why? Well, the fact that they are bigger than the normal one makes it longer to finish. It comes in a bigger packaging, the one that are used for the pressed powder compacts. Plus, it comes in two different migrating colors making it more natural when applied.

It is quite in demand this spring, in fact, some MAC shops / counters were already sold out of this item. I got mine reserved from MAC Harbour City in Facess (thanks to that helpful and friendly sales lady who helped me reserve!) I got my hands on these wonderful blushes!

My favorite is definitely the Ripe Peach, since it suits my skin color perfectly. If I wanna achieve a baby-ish look, I would definitely go on the Azalea Blossom. I think I would reserve the Vintage Grape for Fall / Winter since the color is darker than expected. Its color is like my Breath of Plum powder blush, only that it is a little bit darker.

How I wish MAC would manufacture this continuously. Take note, it is only LIMITED and it costs for HKD 210 only!

BTW, I have a photo of these blushes on my previous blog. You can find it here.

MAC - 129SH - Travel Size Powder Blush Brush

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This is my current powder blush brush at the moment. I purchased the 129sh instead of the 129 since 129sh is very handy and I can just put it inside my pouch bag for retouches everytime.
I'm not sure how much this costs over the counter since I got this from Yahoo! Auction Hong Kong for HKD 120 only.

As I have observed, I'm not really awed with MAC's brushes. I know a lot of girls are in love with these brushes but for me, I think it's very cheap and easy to break or worn-off.

The size of this brush is perfect, since it can be carried inside a pouch bag, for retouches. But as usual, I'm not really impressed with MAC's handles. I think it is very slippery and hard to contour and control. Also, the hair of these brushes from MAC shreds quickly compare to my Smashbox Brushes. Smashbox brushes are a little bit more expensive from MAC's, but it is far way more durable than MAC's. Why not spend a little penny to achieve the quality that you wanted, right?

Anyway, I'm not going to repurchase these brushes from MAC anymore. ANY OF IT. I'm going to stick with my Smashbox Brush Collection even though it's quite expensive, since it's more durable and easier to control.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Benefit - That Gal

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This is my HG primer! I read a lot of good comments about this product PLUS my sister told me good stuffs about this primer that's why I bought it. I got this from Sephora for HKD 280 (as far as I can remember). Take note: Sephora stopped operation here in Hong Kong last April 06, 2010, so you can just buy this wonderful product at Benefit counters all over Hong Kong instead.

First, I love the smell of this product. It has this floral bubbly gummy smell that I really, really love. My sister told me before that this primer would actually let your skin have a "glowy-blushy" effect when used, but that does not apply for me. But hey, this primer is non-sticky and dries fast compare to other primer. As soon as I finished applying it on, I can apply my liquid / cream foundation right away with no worries. :)

About the staying power, the staying power is great as it is! I can last the whole day without retouching (maybe one or two ocassionally but very seldom) which makes it my HG primer! Also, my makeup stays in place, doesn't go sticky the whole day and non-oily.

It also comes in a girly packaging. Instead of the squeeze tube, it comes in a twirl container that makes it very unique from the others. I would keep this primer in stock always for my everyday use! :)

MAC - Fix+ Skin Refresher / Finishing Mist

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If you want another step into your daily makeup routine, this is a perfect addition for you.

I know all about the rants and raves about this product from MAC but it doesn't really work for me, for my own opinion.

I got this as a freebie from my latest purchase from MAC and wow! It's a 30 mL sampler! I know that most MAC counters doesn't really give samples at all, but try the one in Harbour City! They give a lot of samplers and complimentary services, not to mention the staffs are really helpful and friendly!

The sales lady from MAC told me that I can use this before and after foundation to make it more long lasting than usually. I tried putting it on after my liquid foundation. It takes time to dry because it's in a "watery" form. Also, it doesn't really do anything at all for my opinion. I'm not sure with your skin type, but for me, it doesn't really help at all. It just adds another extra minutes into my daily makeup routine making it inconvenient at all. It doesn't make my makeup more lasting at all, I still need to retouch just like when I don't have it on.

One thing I love about this product is that it smells good. Its scent is very refreshing, making me want it to spray it on.

But other else than that, it doesn't help for me at all. I'll give this one a pass... I still need to search for my HG makeup sealer / spray. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lavshuca - Mascara Base

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Even though I already found my HG mascara base / primer (Majolica Majorca's Mascara Base) , I still do try other brands for a change. I got from Watson's Personal Store over Causeway Bay for HKD 75. Take note: Not all Watson's Personal Stores here in Hong Kong carries the Lavshuca line from Kanebo. You can usually find them on large Watson's stores all over Hong Kong. Mostly the ones in populated area such as Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, etc. just to be sure.
Anyway, I bought a lot of products from Lavshuca mostly not because of the reviews over the internet but mostly because of its beautiful, cute packaging. LOL. If you still haven't noticed, Lavshuca's packaging comes in a princessy and very girly packaging which I think for my opinion attracts most of its buyers.

Anyway, this mascara base / primer from Lavshuca is not that bad after all. It comes in a small mascara tube, smaller than Majolica Majorca's. Also, the brush that comes with this is more of the "old-fashioned" style, compare to the other mascara brushes that you'll get to see nowadays.
Also, I believe that there's no fiber content included in this mascara base. I know there'a a bit of a "rave" for fiber extensions nowadays to extend eyelashes but this doesn't have one. Making it easier to take off after usage. I'm not really against fiber extensions, only that it is VERY HARD to take out after usage. It usually takes 2-3 days for me before I can really take out ALL of its fibers on my lashes.

About the product, I think the product is "OK" but not fully contented with it. Why? Not sure why. Maybe because of the brush?! I'm not really awed with its brush... I think this product will work better if the brush is like the new ones. Also, to make it work better, I use my electronic eye lash heater / curler for better results.

Here's a pic of this mascara's brush: (sorry for the bad pic...)

Maybelline - Unstoppable Lash Extension Mascara in Dark Blue

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This is the crappiest mascara that I've got at the moment. I got this over Sasa Outlet for HKD 20 only. No wonder it's for sale for a very, very, VERY low price. It's as useless as putting nothing at all. I bought it in dark blue color, thinking that I would have a mascara for a change.

Anyway, I use this with my Lavshuca mascara base. When I put this on, first, about the color, it is mentioned to be "dark blue", right?! The color doesn't show on me. I'm not sure whether because my hair color is dark brown, or it's the mascara itself.

Plus, I don't really know what this mascara does. Does it add volume? Does it add length to your eyelash?! I really have no idea. I tried putting this on a few times already, but same results are showing. NOTHING. It doesn't give volume nor length to my eye lashes. Nor color.

About the brush that comes with this, I also don't like the brush! It's really hard to control, hard to reach the far edges of my eye lashes, making my mascara looks uneven. What other negatives do I need to give for this product from Maybelline?! One sentence to describe it...

Such a waste of money!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) - Light Blue

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This is one of my favorite fragrances. The first time I got this, it was a gift when I was in college. I love the scent of this perfume from Dolce & Gabbana. It has this very light citrus smell that I love the most. Not to mention it is long lasting. For my experience, it lasts for the whole day through with just a few sprays. I got this again from MUA swap and I'm very glad to have it again! :D

Electric Eyelash Curler

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I got this from Sasa Outlet for HKD 20 only. Yes, it's only HKD 20! (divide to 7.8 to get USD, times 6.7 to get PHP).

This is one of my everyday must. I use this electric eyelash curler instead of the normal eyelash curler. I use this before putting on my mascara base. What's the difference between the normal mascara? It has a very huge difference for me. It curls my eye lashes 80% more than the normal eyelash curler. It makes my eye lashes looking longer and it curls evenly, not to mention it makes my eyelashes easier to curl by just curling it once, rather than using the normal one. This is my second time to buy this eye lash curler. Why? Well, it's brandless, probably made in China, that's why it's very easy to break, but who cares?! I can always get a replacement everywhere, not to mention it's only HKD 20. Not bad! :D

Lavshuca - Skin Filter Base

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I got this primer / base for HKD 65 at Watson's Personal Store. It comes in a small white 25mL bottle / container. It claims it is "A makeup base which evens out the tone color of your face and covers all imperfections for better enhancement of your foundation."

For my own experience, well, I don't think there's any difference of this from the normal makeup bases / primers. I think it does even out the tone color of my face, but it does not cover ALL of my skin imperfections.

It is also in liquidy form, making it a negative for me. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I don't like anything that is liquidy because it's very hard to control compare to if it's creamy. This liquidy makeup base also comes only in one color, a beigy one, which fits my skin color perfectly. The small white bottle container is very messy.

About the staying power of this makeup base? Well, I need to retouch everytime making it a big no-no for me as well. I think I'm going to give this a pass. I'm really not that impressed with this makeup base / primer from Lavshuca.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benefit - BADgal Blue Mascara

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Is this really BLUE?! I got this from one of my MUA swap so I don't know how much this mascara costs.

Anyway, this mascara should be blue, but when I tried applying it, I can't even distinguish the bluish color. It is still black for my opinion. Even my sister was suprised when I mentioned to her that I am using a blue mascara. LOL.

Also, I don't like the brush of this mascara. It doesn't reach the far ends of my eye lashes, and I can't figure out whether this mascara gives my eye lashes volume or length.

I'm quite disappointed when I got this because it is very popular and I read a lot of good reviews about this product everywhere. But when I tried it on... It's not good at all. From its color, to its brush, to its all in all result.

Oh well.. If the blue one does not do good for me, I might as well pass on to trying the black of this mascara! Too bad! :(

This is how its brush looks like:

Fiberwig by IMJU - Paint-On False Lashes and Finisher Paint-On False Lashes in Black

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Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes by Imju in Black

Fiberwig Finisher Paint-On False Lashes in Black

This is my HG mascara extenders. I use Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes after applying my mascara base (either my Majolica Majorca or my Lavshuca base mascara) and before the mascara that I wanted to put on that day. Also, for the hard to reach ends, I use my Fiberwig Finisher Paint-On False Lashes in Black.

I got this from Sasa Cosmetics Store for HKD 118, and the Finisher for HKD 85. It makes my eye lashes look longer than without this, plus, it gives that very black, dramatic effect when applied. It doesn't really gives volume to my eye lashes, that's why I still apply another mascara after this. It is waterproof, very, very waterproof for my opinion. I really love it. It's another great invention from Japan.

About the Finisher, it's really a great product too. It was later on released. I just bought it recently when I saw it over Sasa since I'm a huge fan of Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes. I use it to extend my bottom lashes and to reach the hard to reach areas of my eye lashes. It's ok but not a big fan of the brush just like the previous Fiberwig mascara product.

One thing I don't like about this mascara is that it is very hard to take off even if I use my Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover. It would usually take me days before it's finally gone. Also, I think this would be a better product if Imju / Fiberwig would make some changes on its brush. I don't really like the brush itself. I think this would be a better HG product for me if it is a combination of the MM mascara brush.

Fiberwig Paint-On False Lashes Brush:

Fiberwig Finisher Paint-On False Lashes Brush:


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