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Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybelline - Unstoppable Lash Extension Mascara in Dark Blue

Posted by Unknown at 7:07 PM

This is the crappiest mascara that I've got at the moment. I got this over Sasa Outlet for HKD 20 only. No wonder it's for sale for a very, very, VERY low price. It's as useless as putting nothing at all. I bought it in dark blue color, thinking that I would have a mascara for a change.

Anyway, I use this with my Lavshuca mascara base. When I put this on, first, about the color, it is mentioned to be "dark blue", right?! The color doesn't show on me. I'm not sure whether because my hair color is dark brown, or it's the mascara itself.

Plus, I don't really know what this mascara does. Does it add volume? Does it add length to your eyelash?! I really have no idea. I tried putting this on a few times already, but same results are showing. NOTHING. It doesn't give volume nor length to my eye lashes. Nor color.

About the brush that comes with this, I also don't like the brush! It's really hard to control, hard to reach the far edges of my eye lashes, making my mascara looks uneven. What other negatives do I need to give for this product from Maybelline?! One sentence to describe it...

Such a waste of money!


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