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Thursday, April 22, 2010

MAC - Powder Blush

Posted by Rica Francia at 8:05 PM

Presenting to you, my favorite powder blush! These powder blush from MAC are my favorite! I'm trying to collect all of them in fact.

As you have known, I am a addicted to blush, lipsticks & mascaras. Whenever I don't apply any blush when I go out, I look very, very pale, that's why it is a necessity for me to put on a blush before going out.

My very first powder blush from MAC was given to me by my sister that lives in USA. She is currently studying in USA and she's the one who has been teaching me for years already on how to put on make-up. LOL! She sent me this once, and my very first was Breath of Plum.

I love the color, it looks natural to my skin color. Also, the texture of this blush is very good. It is well pigmented, only one or two swipes over your cheeks and you'll get the color that you wanted. Then, when I found out that it is only HKD 160 here in Hong Kong, my first impression was, OMG! Is is really true?! It's CHEAP! I thought it was around HKD 300+ since it is MAC, but it is quite affordable, not to mention the good quality of the product.

And ever since that day, I started collecting MAC powder blushes. And oh! As much as possible, I only stick to powder blushes... Why?! Well... I have an oily/combination face. I would look like a frying pan if I apply cream instead of a powder.

As of now, these are my collections:

1. Breath of Plum ( Love the color! )
2. Melba ( Love the color! )
3. Full Fuschia ( Too pigmented, just apply a little everytime )
4. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Azalea Blossom ( Love the color! )
5. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Ripe Peach ( Love the color! )
6. Blush Ombre from the Spring Colour Forecast 2010 Collection - Vintage Grape ( It's ok, but a bit not my type of color for spring / summer )
and many more to go....

Also, you can check my past blogs for the colors of these powder blushes from my collection. :)

Happy Reading!


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