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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clinique - Lipsticks

Posted by Rica Francia at 8:08 PM

I have a few lipstick from Clinique. Quite a lot in fact.. Around 6-8 pcs of different colors to be precise. Anyway, I only got these testers for sale over Bonjour for just HKD 20, so why not?! It's Clinique, anyway.

In fact, this is my very first branded lipstick. When I was back in college, I would use these lippies on special ocassions only because it's expensive (of course! I only get my allowance from my parents!) way back.

Anyway, I like the texture of this product from Clinique. It is very smooth when applied, silky and the staying power is also long. It is also unscented by the way. Compare to MAC, it doesn't have a scent. MAC lipsticks have this vanilla-like scent that makes the lipstick yummy to apply. LOL!

I've been using these lipsticks for years now and it's quite proven and tested. Anyway, I'm not going to buy all of their lippies just like what I'm currently having right now with MAC. But I would definitely buy if the color is pretty nice and something that I could not get from MAC.

For the swatches of my Clinique Lipsticks, you can go here.


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