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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Electric Eyelash Curler

Posted by Rica Francia at 1:16 PM

I got this from Sasa Outlet for HKD 20 only. Yes, it's only HKD 20! (divide to 7.8 to get USD, times 6.7 to get PHP).

This is one of my everyday must. I use this electric eyelash curler instead of the normal eyelash curler. I use this before putting on my mascara base. What's the difference between the normal mascara? It has a very huge difference for me. It curls my eye lashes 80% more than the normal eyelash curler. It makes my eye lashes looking longer and it curls evenly, not to mention it makes my eyelashes easier to curl by just curling it once, rather than using the normal one. This is my second time to buy this eye lash curler. Why? Well, it's brandless, probably made in China, that's why it's very easy to break, but who cares?! I can always get a replacement everywhere, not to mention it's only HKD 20. Not bad! :D


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