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Sunday, January 24, 2010

MAC Moisturelush Cream

Posted by Rica Francia at 1:07 PM

I tried using MAC's Moisturelush Cream Moisturizer since I really "love" MAC and was curious about MAC's skin care line. It is HKD 280 for 100 mL. The smell was good, I love the smell. By the way, I have a combination of Oily / Dry skin. At some parts of my face, it's really dry. Like at the top eyelids are very dry compare to my T-zone which is very oily.

I've been using it for almost 1 month now and I have one comment for this moisturizing cream from MAC. It's too oily! YES, it's only made for very dry skin. I think if I have a very dry skin, this is a suitable moisturizing face cream for me. But since I have a combination of both, it is faster to make my face oily. I noticed the difference between using Estee Lauder's Hydra Moisturizer and this moisturizer, my foundation wears off quicker even with a primer on.

As a result, I just use pinch of it everytime (even a pinch, it's still very oily!). I've been using it for almost a month already but I just finished around... Hmmm.. Let me see... 10% of the jar? It's good because I can save up before buying a new moisturizer.. But I will never repurchase this product from MAC again...


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