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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Esprique Precious Samples...

Posted by Rica Francia at 10:38 AM

I bought my first purchase from Esprique Precious in Seibu a few weeks ago and got these two as a freebie from my haul. I got a sampler of their skincare set which is their Live Charge Lotion, Moisturizer M and a mask.

Actually, their skin care was ok for my own point of view. Didn't give me any break-out. But, there's nothing special about their skincare set.. It didn't give my skin a smoother look or anything at all. It doesn't have a good after effect on me.

I didn't like their Moisturizer because it's too liquidy for my opinion. It takes time to let it dry. Their lotion is also ok, it's very light and very good on the face (but no after effect on my face.. :( ).

Well.. So much about Esprique Skin Care for me... I'm moving on to find my HG Skin Care set...


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