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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NYX - Round Lipsticks

Posted by Rica Francia at 8:48 PM

I got tempted with these NYX lipsticks because every girl online was talking about it. I heard a lot of positives with these lipsticks saying it is very smooth and silky when applied on the lips, very cheap, very moisturizing, etc. so I gave it a try.

I bought mine last February when Cherry Culture held a 20% off sale before the Valentine's period on all of their products. I bought quite a lot since it's going to be an international shipment, so why not order in bulk. I bought I think 24 pieces? I forgot how many... To get the shipment in a cheaper price...

Anyway, in short, Yes, it is smooth and silky when applied to your lips, that's true. And who cares if it doesn't last for a very long time... I can always retouch it again and again because it's just cheap anyway. I think I bought it at USD 1.99 each, plus shipping... One thing that turned me off with this product is that I find that it's not moisturizing enough for my lips. My lips chip everytime I use it for more than 3 hours and it seems that I have dried lips every time. Not to mention I have to remove everything again and start it all over again just to take off the dried skin from my lips.

I'm not going to repurchase these again, if someone offers to buy or swap it from me, I would be glad to do it, but then, if not, I'm still going to continue to use it because it's not that bad anyway... I would definitely stick to completing my MAC lipstick collection instead! :) Goodbye NYX Round Lipsticks!

For my NYX Round Lipstick Swatches, please click here.


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