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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jorubi - Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel

Posted by Rica Francia at 1:17 AM

My little sister recommended to me this moisturizer because we both have the same skin types. A combination of oily and dry skin. Her classmate gave her a small bottle to try it before and it reacted very well to her skin. So when her classmate went back to Singapore last Chinese New Year for a vacation, we asked her classmate to buy 2 bottles for us. Yes, it is quite cheap compared to other moisturizers out there. It is HKD 170 for two big bottles of 120 ml already. The only problem is that it can only be bought in Singapore. It is not available anywhere else in the world.

The very first thought when I saw that it is made from fresh aloe vera gel, is that it is good. It is very moisturizing and at the same time not oily to the skin. It dries quickly, no need to wait for quite some time. The problem I got with this is that I did get break-outs, not quite sure though if it is because my period is coming or just because of the moisturizer itself. And also, it makes my skin very dry. To the point that it's like stretching my skin. Very bad sign for a moisturizer.

Well, maybe it suits my sister, but not me. Good thing it doesn't suit my skin type, or else I need to source out where to purchase this product!


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