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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sana Uroitaishi, The Moisture Ambassador! Moisture Mist

Posted by Rica Francia at 4:47 PM

I got this together with my Sana Uruoitaishi Moisture Cream at City Super for less than HKD 100. I already made a review about the moisturizer and you can find it here.

I use this Moisture Mist as a toning lotion after washing my face up and before putting on my Moisture Gel (moisturizer). Well.. It is a very, very light kind of toning lotion, which is very recommended if you have a sensitive skin. But for me, I don't like it because I would prefer something a little bit stronger than this one. Not too strong, but not light as well. I love this products from SANA because my skin doesn't have any surprising and violent reactions with this, not to mention the very, very cute packaging they have.

I remember one time, my mom asked some moisturizer because she ran out of hers and before opening the lid, she was looking at it. Probably, she was thinking, "Is this really a moisturizer?!" and even our helper at home thought that it was just a toy before. LOL! I would certainly repurchase the moisture gel because of its soft and buttery effect on my skin but not this moisture mist.


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