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Monday, March 8, 2010

Origins - Let It Show Bare Body Skin Enhancer

Posted by Rica Francia at 12:24 PM

Are you sure this is a bronzer? I got this from MUA Swap. Actually, it was from a multiply swap and since I heard that the brand "Origins" is nice, so I gave it a try.

It has a very, very good smell. Everytime I put it onto my body, I love its smell. I just noticed that Origins products have that signature smell on each of their products. Try it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, I don't really like the product itself (Except for its good smell). First of all, anything in "liquid" form is a no-no for me. I don't like liquids since it has the tendency of being messy and it is very hard to control. This liquid body bronzer from Origins is very liquidy, very, very hard to control. You just tilt the tube open and "boom!" liquid pours out of the tube uncontrollably...

Second, it doesn't really work for me. I tried to love it, believe me. But it's not really working. I don't get any color darker than my original skin color. Also, it's a bit sticky especially when applied on a hot and greasy day.

Anyway, I'm just going to finish this product. I'm not going to repurchase this. Good thing I just got it from a swap.


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