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Monday, February 18, 2013


Posted by Rica Francia at 11:25 AM


Just a note that I do take buying / selling and swapping seriously.

I am very prompt, accurate and courteous with my email replies and I am also expecting the same on the other end.

This will list the of people that I have deal with in my previous Blog Sales that left me waiting in vain, stressfully waiting for their replies. A lot of people inquire about the same item simultaneously in a day and having an item reserved for a bogus buyer is time consuming and loses chances for the others to take advantage of the sale which is unfair for the others. 

I came up with this list to keep others aware especially for my fellow sellers / swappers to be aware of these persons jokes. 

I will be updating this from time to time, if there's someone whom I need to add on this list, I would definitely do it.

What is a bogus buyer / joy reserver? 
- a term used for people who have reserved items and never replied or had a change of mind at the last minute and want to cancel the ordered/reserved item.

Be careful with dealing with them in case you encounter them.

Here are my list:

Name: Andrea / Bubbles O
She asked for a couple of stuff from my list naming mac snob, sail la vie and sweet ever after. She even haggled with Sail La Vie for a much, much lower offer... Then, when I gave my paypal email for payment, she replied me that she will do it in the morning an never had a word from her ever again.

Name: Stephanie Jones
Makeupalley userid: welshgirl100
She left me this e-mail and never replied with my mails and invoice... 

Not to mention on her makeupalley account, she doesn't have a 100% feedback...

Name: Caitlin Badillo
Instagram id: caitlinbadillo

She contacted me through my instagram, persistent and interested with buying my NYX lippies, so I thought she was really serious about it. 

We even exchanged e-mails and she decided to reserve Benefit Dallas and Dandelion as well. When I gave her the total, she said she's going to pay by morning so I said it's fine as long as she pays before I go to the PO.. When morning came, she still have a message for me saying she's withdrawing EVERYTHING she reserved except for the Dandelion blush. FINE. So I replied back and said would wait for her and reminded her that I will be going to PO in a couple of hours if she needs it to be shipped asap... But upto now, no response. I emailed and instagram, but left unanswered.

She bidded on my previous Blog Sale Auction and won my Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel SIB. Replied within 24 hours but ended up never paying for the item. It was the only item that ended up not being purchased by a bidder. I don't know whether she was just unsure of getting my product or what because she has her own blog sale as well and I know that she's true to her word, I don't know, I just don't want to judge anybody... But the point is, she bidded and wasn't able to follow the instructions on my Blog Sale. 

Wanna be out of this list? Use your common instinct with what you need to do. I am pretty flexible so it's either you pay-up for your reserved items, pay for the income loss of the reserved item or if the item reserved is sold, get another one from my list. Period.

Thank you for giving some time reading! Happy Shopping!




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